Milltek Sport – 40th Anniversary Video

We were recently asked to produce the official video material to commemorate Milltek Sport’s 40th anniversary.

As this was a huge milestone for such an important company within the automotive industry, it’s no surprise that an extra-special location was chosen as the backdrop to the content produced: Catesby Tunnel in Northamptonshire.

This recently-renovated three-mile-long Victorian railway tunnel is now a unique venue that offers incredible levels of control for the likes of media content creators and vehicle manufacturers/race teams looking to test/benchmark new vehicles – never fluctuating in lighting or temperature conditions and effectively making it an even more accurate version of a wind tunnel.

The guys at Milltek brought around 30 key vehicles along from the last 40 years, with the brief of documenting them in a ‘timeline’ style as they roared through the tunnel – after all, can you think of a better place to film aftermarket exhausts?

Two final edits were created – one being a cinematic teaser mostly made up of tunnel footage, and one being a full-length history documentary with timelines, voiceovers and staff interviews. Both were played on a loop on Milltek’s impressive stand at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This isn’t the first time Flat-Out Media has been entrusted in producing a history documentary, with the team creating Ultima Sports’ hour-long history documentary video a couple of years ago, that’s proven to be a huge hit since.

On the day, Flat-Out Media had a four-man team and shed loads of equipment to help get the most out of the day. We hope you enjoy the final products, which can be seen below.